2015 Christmas Single


Well, it’s that time of year again where longing for co-dependence and debauchery ring true so during this Christmas season, we here at Hey Now Records hope you’re all filled with filthy thoughts, irresponsibility, and insatiable desire. That being said, we do hope you take a moment to hear this year’s Christmas single by David Moorhead titled “Say You Love Me (On Christmas Eve)”. The song is filled with all of the above subject matter so you’ll feel right at home.

Two words come to mind when we think about the 2015 Christmas Single. One: hit. Two: ridiculous. It IS rather ridiculous, but that’s why these things are made. Why not take a moment to do something musically ridiculous? And filthy. And irresponsible. And…well, you get the picture.

For you music nerds out there, 432Hz was used as a tuning reference on this track in lieu of the now common, inappropriate-to-some 440Hz. I kinda liked it. If you don’t know about the bubbling undercurrent of 432Hz conversation, look it up. It’s kinda funny but seriously makes good sense. Those of you that were making music before 1939 will get it.

Hope you enjoy this one. Merry Christmas everyone.

Soon The Daylight//Week 13


This is a track that, admittedly so, has been sitting around a while. The first time it was done it featured Trevor Monks on drums, Shawn McBride on bass, and Alex Ramirez on vocals (who coincidentally wrote most of the lyrics featured here, so to you Alex, a co-writing credit). In our vault section we have the original version of this song that was recorded very crudely on to tape and still makes my ears hurt due to the poor monitor mix during the tracking session.

This is a track that will also be featured on the final version of Soon The Daylight, so, this one is a buy-only/no full stream kind of thing. Just a buck! You can find it in our .

Soon The Daylight//Week 12


Coming to you (a day late) is “Great Day”.  Found on Volume 2, “Great Day” is a song that had been sitting around a fair amount of time and has been looking for the finish line.  It’s here.  It’s a pretty chilled out track as the last couple have been.  Don’t worry – we’re gonna get the rock and roll show up and running again in the next few weeks.

Soon The Daylight//Week 11


Brought to you this week is the first track found on Soon The Daylight: Volume 1, an instrumental piece called “Try”. This will let the next cat out of the bag – each volume in the project is going to start with an instrumental track. The final release of Soon The Daylight will not have an instrumental included.

Playing keys and singing some backing vocals on this track is, again, my very talented good friend Matt Wilczynski. On drums, lover of all seasons cold and colder, Mike Piehl.

If you dig the tracks, be sure to share them with your friends. This is also a free download.

Soon The Daylight//Week 10


“Speed of Sound” comes from the final release of Soon The Daylight and is also found on Soon The Daylight: Volume 2. This is the first in the batch that we’ll be selling. Click HERE to download for 100 pennies.  While you’re busy looking under cushions for those pennies, check out the preview below.

Soon The Daylight//Week 9


This is a Behind The Sun track and was initially issued on an album called Paper Airplane (2011). Those songs are currently being heard in a documentary about Chris Drew and his fight for free speech on the streets of Chicago. I generally don’t go political, but I was pretty floored when I heard the story that this song is based on. My hope is that you’ll all think about the way our troops are treated when they get home by the people you elect – RIGHT AND LEFT – and make some noise for heavy change. THAT is being patriotic.

Featured on this track is Paul Akers on piano. We haven’t made music together since concert band at Arlington High School in 1997. I can’t speak for him, but for me this was certainly more fun. He sounds great on this thing.

Soon The Daylight//Week 8


“Rise” comes from the final release of Soon The Daylight and is also found on Soon The Daylight: Volume 1.

Soon The Daylight//Week 7


And today brings us the final corner of the artwork puzzle, the fourth and final release of artwork of front covers. This is the cover for the final collection which will feature a culmination of songs from all three volumes PLUS a bonus track. This final release will be unleashed in December along with the back-cover artwork. The back covers will all be released on the same day.

Next week brings you new music again. I do appreciate the patience. I wanted to let the single resonate for a few weeks before we get this thing kicked up into high gear.

The lead-off track is one called “Rise”. It’s a positive message of hope with the underlying theme of the entire project still resonating loud and true: the feeling of wanting get the hell out of where ever you are to be where ever the hell you want to be.


Soon The Daylight//Week 6


Presented this week is the artwork for “Soon The Daylight: Volume 3″.

“Volume 3″ is the set that happens after closing time.  Everyone in the crowd has gone home, but the band wanted to stay and play some more music. There are some rockers in the set, some solo guitar pieces (with vocal), and definitely an overall laid back atmosphere.

Again, there are 3 separate volumes based on the way songs vibe together (10 in total for each volume) as well as a final “Soon The Daylight” album (a collection of songs hand picked from each of the 3 volumes PLUS a bonus track).



Soon The Daylight//Week 5


Presented this week is the artwork for “Soon The Daylight: Volume 2″.

“Volume 2″ is the laid-back set that is bringing some acoustic guitar vibe to the table.  Again, there are 3 separate volumes based on the way songs vibe together (10 in total for each volume) as well as a final “Soon The Daylight” album (a collection of songs hand picked from each of the 3 volumes PLUS a bonus track).



Soon The Daylight//Week 4


Presented this week is the artwork for “Soon The Daylight: Volume 1″.

“Volume 1″ is the rocker in the bunch.  There are 3 separate volumes based on the way songs vibe together (10 in total for each volume) as well as a final “Soon The Daylight” album (a collection of songs hand picked from each of the 3 volumes PLUS a bonus track).



Soon The Daylight//Week 3


“Tonight” [single mix]
Single B-side

Soon The Daylight//Week 2


“SAM / i am”
Single A-side

Soon The Daylight//Week 1


And so today, March 11th, it all begins: a 39 week trek to the 2nd day of December where each week we’ll find a new release of either artwork (today’s release) or music. Today’s release is the artwork for the single “SAM / i am”, due to arrive in your earbuds or car via bluetooth next Tuesday March 18th.

Everything can be found on http://soonthedaylight.com and we’ll also be sharing everything here. So, on that note, raise a glass and let the dusk wash over you as you run to your favorite corners of the night because soon the daylight.


NEW RELEASE / Soon The Daylight


We’re proud to announce the release of the new David Moorhead project Soon The Daylight. Below you’ll find the press release for our biggest release to date. Join us for a ride through 38 weeks of stories. March 11th marks day one. For more information about Soon The Daylight please visit soonthedaylight.com.

Once upon a time everything was perfect. All the surreal colors that paint the vivid subtext of every wild story you could ever imagine were tangible in a world we once knew. Beauty collided when the sun was down and it was glorious.

But then the daylight. The ever-predictable sun chased us all back into our huts, forcing a reality that is every bit the definition of that word. We wanted to believe that if you could just squeeze a bit tighter the new day would never come. Change would never surface. The triumphant energy held in your hands in that very moment would be amazing, present, and true forever.

The sun came up. Fast. Change happened. We’re left with only the heartbeat of memory.

Soon The Daylight celebrates those memories, reckless abandon, fear, change, and everything you thought you could be because you already were – and are.

This project – and we have to call it a project because it’s not an album – is a concept project. And on that note, it’s a multi-layered concept. We have on one side the songs that are going to tell the story, but on the other side we have the presentation of these songs which gives us a very special twist to the picture that will be painted by the music.

When all is said and done, the Soon The Daylight project will total 32 songs: a single with an A and a B side and 30 different tracks separated out into 3 10-song volumes. These volumes can be considered many things. You could call them volumes as they will be called on their artwork. You could call them playlists. You could call them setlists. It’s really a hybrid of all of the aforementioned terms and all are perfectly acceptable.

Volume 1 is a rocker. Volume 2 is a laid back acoustic set. Volume 3 is the guys in the band hanging out at the bar after a gig still wanting to play some songs before the night turns into day, bringing us right back around to our first thought, completing the circle.

This is where things get really interesting. We couldn’t imagine releasing all 32 songs on one day because the scope of the project is so big and we really want to highlight every piece of work, right down to the artwork. Hey Now Records will be releasing one piece of the Soon The Daylight puzzle per week for 39 straight weeks – music and art – culminating the first week of December 2014 with the release of David Moorhead’s 8th Christmas single. Final running orders for all volumes will be released during week 37 via the release of back-cover artwork. Week 38 will feature the release of the Soon The Daylight album, a final release featuring 12 songs pulled from the 3 different setlists, paired and edited together to truly capture the essence of the entire project. This final release will come with a PDF file that tells the story behind the project and holds lyrics to all 32 songs as well as the credits and words of gratitude.

Twenty of the thirty-two songs will be free downloads. The songs on the final album will be available for purchase during their assigned week of release or streaming (on soonthedaylight.com or our Soundcloud page) as well as a final collection during week 38. All album tracks released will have tagging related to their volume placement and not the final album. The final collection will have tagging that reflects its presence on the album.

The first release date is March 11, 2014 when we release the cover art for the single, a song titled “SAM / I am” backed by an alternate mix of “Tonight (Don’t Cry)” (previously found on the For The Light That Shines Before You EP).

This is a big project for us as it helps us to celebrate 10 years of Hey Now Records and put another beautiful piece of work on our shelf that we’re proud to say we’ve been a part of.

2014 will be a special year for us and we look forward to sharing it with you.