2015 Christmas Single

Well, it’s that time of year again where longing for co-dependence and debauchery ring true so during this Christmas season, we here at Hey Now Records hope you’re all filled with filthy thoughts, irresponsibility, and insatiable desire. That being said, we do hope you take a moment to hear this year’s Christmas single by David Moorhead titled “Say You Love Me (On Christmas Eve)”. The song is filled with all of the above subject matter so you’ll feel right at home.

Two words come to mind when we think about the 2015 Christmas Single. One: hit. Two: ridiculous. It IS rather ridiculous, but that’s why these things are made. Why not take a moment to do something musically ridiculous? And filthy. And irresponsible. And…well, you get the picture.

For you music nerds out there, 432Hz was used as a tuning reference on this track in lieu of the now common, inappropriate-to-some 440Hz. I kinda liked it. If you don’t know about the bubbling undercurrent of 432Hz conversation, look it up. It’s kinda funny but seriously makes good sense. Those of you that were making music before 1939 will get it.

Hope you enjoy this one. Merry Christmas everyone.