Andy Alton is an artist from Chicago.  After listening to a few cassette tapes of the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix he quickly became hooked on the idea of playing guitar.  Soon thereafter he obtained his first electric guitar and began learning how to play by listening to those same cassette tapes of the Stones and Hendrix (with some Tom Petty thrown in the mix) as well as  local rock and roll radio.

It wasn’t long before Andy began experimenting with a Fostex 4-track recorder, planting the seed for his interest in writing and recording music.  By the time he was 12 he was already playing in garages and basements with any other kids that had the time to play.

Through his teenage years he would keep writing and expanding his guitar knowledge.  At the end of high school he decided that he would dedicate his time to pursuing a career in music, leading him Boston’s Berklee College of Music.  During his time in Boston he would continue to refine his skills, meet life-long friends, and begin crafting the stories for his first album.

“Pill Poppin’ Lover” marks the beginning of a period of reflection for Andy, a period when he would begin to truly examine and explore his splintered past.  During this time he would learn to become a true songwriter and craft a sound uniquely his own.  This album was also the beginning of a display of raw emotion that would flow through his writing and playing style on all subsequent projects and albums.

After “Pill” Andy released “Less To Say”.  “Less To Say” is a departure from the harsh guitar tones of “Pill”, bringing you to a place of sublime and tender acoustic guitar bliss coupled with bottle-neck, lap steel serenity.   The process of putting this album together ultimately took Andy into yet another new direction as a writer, producer, and engineer, showing a more reflective and mature artist.

Andy continues to write and work as a recording engineer, most-recently working on his third album called “Third Time’s A Charm”.


Pill Poppin’ Lover (2005)
Less To Say (2008)
Paper Airplane [as part of Behind The Sun] (2011)


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