Behind The Sun is what happens when two friends come together to make music over the course of a long weekend in the early days of fall, feeling fully inspired by and transfixed on the vibe of the surrounding city (Chicago), the influences that came long before them, and the stories that filled their hearts and minds that lead to the creation of their first album, Paper Airplane.

Behind The Sun is a new duo project featuring David Moorhead and Andy Alton and Paper Airplane is an album of stories. While that doesn’t sound much different from what usually goes into either of their solo projects, the one rule while writing this record was that the stories couldn’t be their own. Through reading or listening to the radio, they learned about other people and their lives and the experiences that helped shape their worldview and character. David and Andy wanted to give new life to these stories by adapting music that was influenced by the mood each of the original storytellers created.

The next rule? Guitars and voices only. Wanting to keep things as stripped down as possible, no other instruments were used in the making of this record. It was an extremely freeing experience for both to not have to do countless overdubs to finish an album.

After 2 days of tracking in a small suburb of Chicago, nine songs were nearly completed minus minor vocal parts for both. Mixing was completed over the summer of 2011 and the mastering was finished on the brink of the final weekend that same summer.

What you have here is a beautiful collection of nine stories, four written by each of the guys and one – the title track, “Paper Airplane” – written by both.

We hope you enjoy the album as much as we do.


Paper Airplane (2011)


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